Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Word for the Day

In staff prayer today, as our church heads into the final days of the corporate fast, our pastor shared a You-Tube video that had stirred his heart while on a mission trip.  He felt it was time to return to this word and take it to heart.

The speaker is David Wilkerson; a name I first encountered when I read The Cross and the Switchblade while I was in Junior High.   He was killed in a car accident in Texas on April 27 of last year...while we in Alabama were taking cover from devastating storms.

The word he presents is 'Anguish'...allowing oneself to feel God's heart over the condition of His people.

As I watched the video, I was once again challenged to move beyond what is comfortable...to engage my spirit in the warfare.

It is a strong word; and no, it will not make you feel comfortable or give you warm spiritual fuzzies.  But it is a message the American church as a whole needs to hear and heed.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to imbed properly so you'll have to click on the link to see it on the You Tube site.

David Wilkerson: Anguish

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