Thursday, January 12, 2012

Maybe Not Wednesdays...

I woke up around 3 AM this morning, which is not terribly unusual. What was unusual was that I really couldn't fall back asleep, for one reason or another. And, somewhere in the rearranging of pillows and blankets to find that magic spot to doze off before the alarm, I suddenly realized that I hadn't posted yesterday.

So much for successfully posting every day for 40 days.

But, as I laid there, I realized that it really would've taken an incredible effort to have posted yesterday. I worked all day, went to church last night, and helped The Flute Player with a costume for a birthday party tomorrow night. (She would NOT process the words 'You.Don't.Have.Time.' And, softie that I am, I am trying to keep her from complete failure on her effort.) So, not only did I not post, I didn't even THINK about posting.

And, you know, I think it is a little far fetched to expect myself to post on Wednesdays, which are very busy days even without last-minute costuming whims. But, I can talk about yesterday for a moment.

The main service last night was a panel discussion of prayer and fasting, and I ended up taking my Friends girls down so they could hear it. I got an usher to reserve us some seats up in the eye-contact section, gave them notepaper and told them any notes they took would count towards the project for this unit. (note: I believe there will be a podcast of that panel available in the next few days; if I can find it I'll link it...just in case anyone's curious)

What was emphasized over and over is the necessity of prayer to accompany fasting, with the explanation that it is not the act of fasting itself that is important, but the shift of focus to an unusual pursuit of the heart of God for the season, which fasting facilitates.

And I heard something about a person in the Bible fasting for 40 days that I didn't I'm off to check that out and report later. I may have to go back and edit one of my old posts in the fasting study if it turns out I really did miss that...

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