Monday, October 13, 2014

The Fast Day

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

Sunday is Fasting Day for Dive least as much as they are reasonably able to do so.

The objective is to work on the ability to hear prophetically.  We were each given a stack of decorative cards, with the numbers 1 - 14 written in a corner, and instructed to go off by ourselves and write something on each might be a Bible verse, or a mental picture, or a phrase.  Then  all the cards would be sorted by number, and names drawn to determine who got stack one, stack two, etc.

I know this could sound weird to folks who do not actively expect the Holy Spirit to work through people in that way, but, wow, it was powerful.  Over and over again, for each of us, the words on the cards were significant and many times incredibly specific.

I was number two; one of the cards I got repeated almost verbatim the message that Rita had written on the note on my welcome bag.  One note card was something that was so apparently about the transition out of Girls Ministry that it totally changed my perspective on what I was to be praying about it and enabled me to release it even more.    Plus, previous Dive students, knowing that we would be fasting and praying, also fasted and prayed and sent in words of exhortation and encouragement.  It was was was intense.

I've read my cards through several times...and, so far, I haven't shared them with anyone.

It's still too precious.

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  1. By far my favorite day!! I still read through mine all 21 and find Holy Spirit speaking to what is happening in this season of my life! Hmmm might need to take them out soon!