Friday, October 31, 2014

Season of Praise: Intro

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

When I saw how exactly the weeks line up with words...well, praise is the topic on Fridays here for the rest of the year. ;-)

Now, this is probably not going to be new revelation for most of the folks who stop by.  I know we've had at least two different sermon series at our church on the Seven Hebrew Words for Praise; I rather expect we're not unique in that.

So consider it a review....just because I want to focus on praise for a bit.

I have a Zodhiates Complete Word Study Old Testament that I'm probably going to be using for much of my resourcing...I *think* we have a Strong's concordance around someplace; I'll use that if I'm right and if I can find it...or, if I'm wrong and I can't...I'll probably use an online concordance.

I forget we have the world at our fingertips sometimes.

Anyway, the syllabus as I've laid it out  goes something like this:

Nov. 7  - Yadhah (Strong's 3034)
Nov. 14 - Towdah (Strong's 8426)
Nov. 21 - Zamar (Strong's 2167)
Nov. 28 -  Barak (Strong's 1288)
Dec. 5 -  Shabach (or Shavach, as it is rendered in my Zodhiates; Strong's 7623)
Dec. 12 - Tehillah (Strong's 8416)
Dec. 19 - Halal (Strong's 1984)

I've seen other lists here and there that have other words on them, but I think these are the seven most common; certainly they are the ones that I have encountered the most.

And...that arrangement...we begin with hands, mention knees, and finish with voice.  More or less, anyway. ;-)

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