Saturday, October 26, 2013

Snapshots 10/26/13

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

Last night was the annual Girls Ministry sleepover; as we have done for a number of years now, the teen girls (grades 6-12) split from the younger girls.

Some years we just split for part of the evening, but this year we basically had a whole separate event at the same time.

We started the evening by attending a local concert featuring Casting Crowns.


Then we went back to church; I did the devo portion first, since we had a girl who had to leave early and I wanted to make sure she got the 'lesson' of the evening, too.

It all worked out to talk about the lies the enemy tells us.

Then they watched a movie...and I hid treasure hunt clues around the church (had to wait for other ministries happening to finish and get cleared out).

Then the girls did a flashlight treasure hunt.

Wasn't going to do it this year, but I had a flash of inspiration about having them look for jewels to put on crowns on which they'd written the truth to counter the lie of the enemy...anyway, we did it again.

And I messed up again.  I gotta get some help doing this, if only to have a second pair of eyes looking at stuff to catch oversights.

After everyone found their jems and I doled out the 'prize' candy,  we watched the Official Every Year Movie, Princess Bride.

That movie finished up about 5:30.  The girls all dozed off; the other teen chaperone and I wandered out into the lobby and watched the sun come up.

I failed utterly to take pictures of the evening, only getting a couple of pics at the concert.

I wanted one of all the girls with their crowns. Forgot.

In the process of planning and preparing, involving, among other things, wrestling a bench seat back into our minivan and hunching over a table cutting rectangles out of poster board to run through the die cutter and turn into crowns, I have done pretty much every bad thing in the book to my back.

Ice pack 20 on/20 off.  Repeat till the ice packs are tepid slush.

Thinking really hard about seeing if I can use some of my comp time for recovery time next week.  I could use a couple of days to just breath.

And visit the chiropractor. ;-)

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