Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hebrews Chapter 3 Discussion

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

As I read through (late, overdue, but still...) the Hebrews 3 assignment, a kind of broken sentence formed itself:

Therefore...consider Jesus...who was worthy of more glory than Moses...and take care we do not harden our hearts as those led by Moses and were unable to enter God's rest...

Another place in scripture where the chapter breaks not only a section but a thought.  The first word in chapter 3 is 'Therefore'.

Which, of course, means that one must carefully consider what comes after that word in light of what went before it.

In this case, the previous chapter ended with a discussion of how Jesus had become like us in order to help us.

And, therefore, we are to consider Him...look at Him, ponder Him, see how He walked out His destiny.

Consider Christ, in comparison to the lawgiver Moses:  Moses was the House; Christ the Builder.  Moses was the Servant; Christ the Heir.

We are His, so we are to be careful that we do not fall into the same traps that those who followed Moses fell into.

The traps are all summed up in one: an evil, unbelieving heart.

One that accuses instead of confesses.  One that provokes instead of petitions.  One that rebels instead of reverences.

The followers of Moses who did those things fell in the desert and never saw the culmination of their dreams and journeys.  They never saw God's rest.

If that evil, unbelieving heart is the block to God's rest, then one who follows the instruction to be on guard against that would have easy access to the rest of God.

A heart that believes and seeks God's good is a heart that has the ability to rest.

Because a heart at rest is a heart that has truly learned to trust God in all things.

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