Friday, October 4, 2013

First Thoughts on Eve

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

One of the first questions Rita asked as an introduction to the study of Finding Eve was to list 3 characteristics that I've  kind of associated with Eve, just based on my own opinion.

I've always thought of Eve in the context of what happened, the narrative as a whole, so it was kind of interesting to take a look at my own opinions of her specifically.  To be honest, I think my opinions are maybe a hair off from the norm, but that may be because I am such a Genesis fan and I have done a lot of study and reflection on that book (I may have mentioned that Genesis was my favorite BSF study...). 

So when I first think of Eve, I think of her innocence.  It is an innocence that we can't begin to imagine; she wasn't naive or simple, she was pure.  I've  wondered if she was aware that it was even possible to speak something that was not true.  So of course the serpent confused her. 

The next thing that occurs to me about Eve is that she was the very definition of beautiful.  No surgery, Botox, dyes, make up, spandex, special lighting or airbrushing were needed.  Yahweh made her to be His absolute expression of beauty.  I wonder what she really looked like...and how far our concept of 'beautiful' has strayed from the real thing.

Finally, when I think of Eve, I think of the devastating loss she sustained, and the guilt that she carried for the rest of her life.  I've wondered how she managed to bear that load did she cope?  Where did she get the strength to get up each day and go through the toil of survival, remembering what it had been like in the Garden? 

I think that is what I need to learn most from Eve...I mess up, put my foot in my mouth, do/say stupid stuff that should NOT have been said or done...and then, when I am wiser, I must own the mistakes, do my best to make restitution, but continue on following God, knowing full well that I have ruined things and hurt people beyond my ability to restore or repair and that I am going to have to live with the consequences and rely on His grace to do what I cannot. case you missed yesterday's post... I'm giving away a copy of the book, Finding Eve, by Rita Springer, to someone who leaves a comment on that post before Sunday Evening.  :-)

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