Friday, February 20, 2015

The Well of the One Who Sees Me

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

I did not intend to write any more posts with the label 'Transition 2014'.  I declared myself Done.


If you write a blog with the title 'Beer Lahai Roi', whenever you are in a service in which the speakers talk about Hagar, you tend to prick up your ears.

Our quarterly women's gathering was this month...focusing on opportunities for service within the women's ministry  department.

But our senior co-pastor and both campus co-pastors spoke first, speaking of Hagar, who first ran away and then was sent away.  Who had an encounter with God Himself, who spoke into her and into her future.

Suddenly, in the midst of the meeting, I identified fiercely with Hagar.

I tried to run away, early on, and was told to go back.

In the end, though,  I was sent away.

I thought I was over being wrecked but...I guess not.

I've had some conversations with God over that night, let me tell you.

And I have seen some things.

Firstly, what I saw was that Ishmael held the place until the promise came.  He was evidence that God was working a miracle, even though he wasn't the miracle himself.  What made Ishmael bitter was Hagar's attitude.  Jealousy, disrespect for the authority over her, a victim mentality...who knows what was percolating in her spirit.

God keep me from Hagar's error.

Then I saw that Ishmael was not a product of Hagar's rebellion.  He was a product of her submission and obedience, even if it came with a bit of opportunism.  Our society looks very differently at the whole process, but in that day and that culture one of the highest achievements a woman could attain was to bear a son.

Hagar had a son.  She had a promise and a future.  She had hope.

All of those things were represented by a son.

But Ishmael was more his mother's son than his father's son.  None of his actions reflected the character of his father.  The wounds in his mother influenced him.

God, teach me to heal my wounds rather than propagate them.

What would Ishmael's place have been if his mother had encouraged him to grow into his father's character?  How would he have treated his younger brother, the true heir?  How would history have played out if the older brother had seen himself as the protector and guardian of the younger instead of the rival? 

Hagar had two supernatural encounters in her life, but she failed to apply the lessons of them to her spirit.

God, do not let me only superficially respond to Your Spirit.  Let Your words and Your instruction change who I am and how I react. Let me always use any influence I have to encourage others to develop the character of their Father.

There is a part two for this, dealing with lies  of the enemy.  Stay tuned.

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