Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pray Differently

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

Several years ago, I attended a Passover demonstration that was done by worship artist Paul Wilbur, who is a Messianic Jew.  It was incredible and paradigm-shifting; I had no idea what the symbolism of the traditional passover meal included.

And I was very impressed by the traditional prayers he recited at various times, which began 'Blessed art Thou, O God of the universe...'  I can't really tell you why...maybe because it was so different from the style I was accustomed to, which usually involved me asking God for blessing instead of pronouncing Him to be blessed.  It touched something deep.

Fast forward.  Late November of last year, a post from Lisa Bevere turned up in my Facebook news feed, challenging folks to 'pray differently today.'

I wrote a lengthy journal post trying to decide what that meant.  Should I pray with more expectation?  Dare to pray for things I don't normally have the nerve to pray for?  Or...maybe things I don't have the faith to pray for?  Get a new perspective?

What did it mean...'pray differently'? 

Two weeks later, another journal entry...and the prayer that came from my pen was this:

Blessed are You, Oh God, who hears our prayers and petitions and turns the hearts of kings to fulfill Your purpose.
Blessed are You, O holy God, for You delight in your children and are not unmoved by their distress.
Blessed are You, Oh God, for You are a strong tower and a safe haven in times of trouble.
Blessed are You, Lord, for you do not leave your people in confusion but always provide direction, whether by cloud or by fire or by the voice which says, 'This is the way, walk in it.'

That, my friend, is praying differently.  I've had several days since in which my prayers have taken that form.

Focusing on God, reminding myself of His Character and His promises.

It feels...powerful.  It is strengthening.  It is challenging.

If you were to 'pray differently'....how would that work for  you?

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