Saturday, May 3, 2014

Snapshot 5/3/14

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

Wishing I had profound things to share.

But life has been all about the immediate and necessary of late.

The week or two following Easter are quite intense, from the church-data-admin viewpoint.  Lots of data entry and follow up to record.  It's all good...but...not much time for reflection.

Plus I finished a big sewing project, as those of you who read the sewing blog know well.

Through a series of not-so-intentional events, the script that I have been praying over for, like, ever...the one that I fasted coffee for a year now being read by someone in our area who Does Community Theater.

I should have a realistic and objective opinion on it...eventually.

We'll see what happens then.

The Flute Player was the passenger in a car involved in an accident late last night, coming home from a little socializing after a school event.  She's sore and bruised and somehow seems to have chipped some teeth.  The dental damage does not show, but she says she was spitting out grit for about ten minutes and she has some teeth that feel excessively sharp.  One or two are a bit sensitive.

We're icing down the bruises; if she still has dental issues once we hit the work week we'll call the dentist.

Nothing has changed on the changing and shifting; I'm still trying to sift through rumor and inuendo and hang on until I have acutal information about what's going on.

Meantime, I keep hearing one phrase in my spirit; "Finish Strong".

'Finish Strong' also means no complaining or fault finding.  It means handling it right...however it goes.

We have a couple of graduations in the next three weeks...our last high school graduation, and The Actor will graduate from his current internship position just two days before that.

It will be good to have him around again.  I've missed him.

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