Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The 4 Year Bible Study

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

 It's a challenge to the girls in the High School Girls' Ministry Club;  in order to get honors at graduation, they have to read the whole Bible during their four years in the club.

The challenge, should they choose to accept it, is to outline as they go.

Summarize each chapter

Roughly outline the book, based on the chapter summaries

Write the theme of the book on the first page

Go on to the next one.

Psalms and Proverbs are a little different; I just asked them to give each psalm a title, and then make a list of verses pertaining to various topics in Proverbs.

But if I'm asking the girls to do it, I should do it as well.

Finished Revelation yesterday...just a couple months shy of 4 years after I started.

Fascinating and enlightening way to study the Word.

We called it 'The Four Year Bible Survey', and any girl who completes the challenge will be given a warhorse study Bible.  We've had one finish so far; there may be another this year.

Now I need a new Bible Study plan...

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