Friday, August 30, 2013

A Sunshower Kind of Day

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Laha Roi

Pouring rain and bright sunshine.

Appropriate for the return home from dropping The Actor off at his new home for the next 9 months.

When the older kids went to the church internship apartments, they were still in town.  Still working at church.

But this is a slightly different internship.  He'll be actually out of town, going to one of the other campuses for church.  And he's in a...different...sort of environment.  This is not the church program, but an internship with a prophetic evangelist friend.  The intern guys stay in what are pretty much bunk rooms at the ministry center.  Even if nothing else transforming takes place, learning to live in that kind of a space is going to have an impact.

Now, he's 20 years old and he's had two years at the internship at church, riding back and forth with me, so it's not like he's fresh out of high school.  And I know in my heart that this is the right next step for him.  And I know it's just for nine months, and then he'll be back for at least a season.

But tonight...after all is said and done, there are three of us in the house that less than two years ago held six. Suddenly that seems like a very abrupt change.  And I'm wanting to stop, to slow down, to hold everyone for just a wee bit longer.

So I'm indulging my maudlin mom emotions for just tonight, even while I'm very proud of the folks these kids of ours are turning out to be.

The sunshower was the perfect allegory...

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