Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ya Can't Fill what's Already Full

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

Thursday was just one of those days...

I have to take The Flute Player to school on Thursdays, so I usually just go on to work.  First order of the day is always making coffee; the coffee maker is across the hall in another office.

We got a new coffee maker last week; I'd only made coffee in it once before but it really wasn't too difficult.  It has a smaller capacity than the old one, so it doesn't require as much coffee in it, and it has a reservoir to fill instead of pouring a potful of water into the machine, but other than that...making coffee is making coffee.

I came in, pulled the reservoir out and filled it up, dumped the coffee grounds and added fresh,  punched 'Brew Now' and headed back to my office to wait for it to be ready.

Did anyone catch the crucial step that I omitted in my prep?

I didn't realize it till I walked back to the office and saw coffee pouring down the side of the small refrigerator that the coffee maker sits upon.

I'd forgotten to dump yesterday's leftover coffee from the insulated carafe. From the looks of the puddle on the floor, it must've been nearly full.

Because I filled a reservoir instead of using the pot to measure the water, I totally did not think about checking to see if there was any coffee in the pot.

So, yeah, we spent a bit of time cleaning up the mess, and I won't make that mistake again, but after I came home I began to wonder...could there possibly some kind of spiritual application (i.e., can I redeem my stupidity by getting a blog post out of it?)

Answer:  Of course.  There's a spiritual application to about anything, if you're willing to just think about it a moment or two.

Maybe even more than one. ;-)'s what I saw illustrated by my coffee mess:

- You can't fill something that's already full.  Yesterday's coffee...or yesterday's dreams, yesterday's visions, yesterday's successes can block the inflow of fresh coffee...or new dreams, visions or goals to achieve.

-Old methods don't always translate to new levels.  Sometimes you just gotta stop and think about where you are before you run and do what you always did.

- Something hidden and overlooked WILL make itself known eventually...and there will be a mess...

I'm really glad His mercies are new every morning... ;-)

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