Saturday, June 1, 2013

Siesta Scripture Memory Team Verse 11 - Ps 38:9

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

We had a worship workshop today...all the worship teams from all the campuses came together for some group instruction and fellowship time.  I'd been looking forward to it; we were out of town and missed the last one.

I got more than I expected.

We began with worship, which was appropriate, and ended the worship with a time of prayer.  I could see what was coming; that our pastor was going to ask folks who were in the middle of tough circumstances to raise their hands, and for everyone else to gather round those folks and pray for them.  To be honest, I found my spirit kind of cringing. 'I don't have anything to offer anyone today,' I thought.

And heard an answer in my spirit, "Then that means you are one who should raise your hand."

That surprised me; we have had some rough moments, particularly in the parenting area, in the last few months, but nothing was in crisis mode now.  I didn't see myself as standing particularly in need of urgent prayer to make it through.

But in the next few moments, I saw multiple areas which were either a source of stress, something in which I am really needing direction or something that is grieving my spirit.  Each one, in and of itself, wasn't a big deal, but taken all together...well, it's no wonder I didn't feel like I could really minister to anyone.  I realized I was just plain tired in my spirit.

So, ok, I will be obedient.  I raised my hand.

And I expected my nearby fellow choir folks to come round, put their hands on my shoulders, and pray quietly for me, or pray fairly standard prayers of encouragement.

Which really would have been fine.  As I said, I didn't really feel like I was in a crisis of any kind; just tired.

But one of our campus pastors came to me and began to pray specific things...some which really could've applied to any number of folks, but she prayed for one area that was so specific that it could not have been random.  She spoke to a request that I have been putting before God for...well, a really long time, although I haven't brought it up often.  I  never even hinted at this request to anyone.

And she said that God was sending the answer; that I am to walk in expectation for it to come soon.

I fell apart.

Not because the request and its answer is such a big deal...but because it was secret and highly specific.  And I was reminded again that God really and truly knows me and hears my heart.

Today's SSMT Verse:

All my longings lie open before you, O LORD; my  sighing is not hidden from you.  Ps. 38:9 NIV84


  1. We are continually reminded to bring our concerns and our joys before the Lord. I am so glad you listened today. I'm adding my prayers too.

  2. Thanks Miriam. ;-) Good to hear from you again!