Sunday, June 23, 2013

Morning Chuckle

Posted By Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

Sometimes a really creepy dream has almost a funny meaning...

Last night I dreamed I was in an old...barn, house or basement, not sure which.  It was dark, dusty and cluttered up and I had a flashlight that I was using to hunt for something.

At one point, I thought I heard scampering of rodents, then I was sure I didn't, then I thought I did again...anyway, I swung the flashlight around a couple of times and froze when they lit up a pair of teeny glowing red eyes looking at me.

Wherever-I-was, there were rats.

However, before I could really react, I found that there were a couple of people there, too,...confused, lost, hungry and exhausted.  I had to get the folks out of there before we could deal with the rats.

I woke up feeling rather creepy...then suddenly I realized what the dream was about and had to laugh.

We are migrating our data base at church from one software company to another and I am the one primarily responsible for it.  I've been frantically cleaning out old useless records...but every once in a while I will hit  a valid record amongst the list of messed up ones, so I can't just delete all of the old records.

Yes, the old barn was the data base...the rats are the old, useless records and the confused folks are the good records with the errors.

So plain.  :-)

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