Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I was SO STUPID...but HE showed up!

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

My Middle-school girls class is currently doing a unit on Integrity, and tonight's lesson happened to have the COOLEST activity illustration I think I've ever done in class.  I was  so excited about it, and I told several folks about how neat it was and how I was looking forward to teaching this lesson.

But, when I got to church tonight, I discovered that I had left the zip-lok bag containing all the various bits and pieces needed for the activity on the kitchen table.  In my house. 20 minutes away.

Honestly? I wanted to throw up. No no no noNONONO!!!  How could I be SO STUPID! And what could I do?

I decided to flip flop the lessons; tonight's lesson was supposed to be lesson five, but I just kinda made an executive decision that we ARE going to do that activity, so that meant tonight had to be lesson 6, which is supposed to be the final lesson. 

Not this time.

I had time to skim read it a bit; the topic was 'How to maintain my Integrity' and focused on how out of step Christians are with the rest of the world...and how that really is OK.   Well, the discussion wandered off to the difference between saying one is a Christian and actually BEING a follower of Christ and, when the evening was over, I did something that I had not ever done in quite this manner...I gave the girls an opportunity to commit their lives to Jesus.

And six out of the nine girls in the room did.  Now, I know this may not have been a first time commitment for them, but that's ok.  My concern was that, if they had any doubts or questions, lets just pray through this and settle it right now.  4 of the 6 want to be baptized, so we'll be contacting their parents regarding that.

To say I'm flabbergasted and blown away is an understatement.  I messed up...but He made it right...



  1. Praise God. It is amazing how He can take what we think is a totally messed-up situation and use it for His glory.

  2. Wednesday was a super-duper mess-up day, that's for sure (I also left some much-needed costume sewing supplies in the Wal-mart bags with the candy and toys I took to church for an upcoming mission trip to Guatemala...); that's why it's so cool to see that redemptions! And it's good to hear from you! ;-)