Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hebrews: Chapter 4 on REST

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

To catch up...the assignment for today was to read chapter 4, vs. 1 - 13, and ponder REST.

I have been here before; it was one of the topics I considered during the Jubilee Year, and one truth I discovered early on was that 'real rest is a discipline'.

And what struck me as I read through today's verses was the author's repeated warnings that we, like the ancient Israelites, can hear the good news of God's promises and still not receive them.

From last week, we see that they failed to enter God's rest because of unbelief (3:19)
Today's passage shows that they did not benefit from the message because they did not unite it w/faith (4:2) and they failed to enter God's rest because of disobedience (4:6)

The ancients who fell in the desert did so because they did not believe God would give them victory against intimidating foes,  they did not listen to those who declared that God was able, and they refused to act on God's direct instructions.

We are warned 'if you hear the message, do not harden your hearts.' (4:7)

In verse 10, we read that whoever has entered God's rest has also rested from his works.

God's rest means that I believe, have faith, and obey.

But that ain't easy.

Notice the author says that we must strive to enter that rest (v. 11).  We have to purposely choose to trust God, when situations say He doesn't make sense.  We have to believe what He tells us, even if everything around us appears to be contrary.  We have to do what He says, especially when he tells us to do something that is beyond our ability.

Because He takes it at that point and does for us that which could not have been done otherwise.  And we rest from our own efforts and work.

Yes, real rest is a discipline...of belief, faith and obedience.


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