Friday, September 30, 2016

A Tour through Ps. 119: Reflections

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

I began the journey back in March...I really didn't have the intention of exploring all the Hebrew all the way through.  It's funny how these things take on their own style and character apart from anything I plan.  This became way more academic and technical...not to mention a lot more work, lol...than I ever expected.  It evolved as I went...I didn't start writing down the Hebrew until, I think, Teth.  And I didn't include an attempt to describe the letters until sometime after that.  So the weeks are not completely consistent.

But it was a good study.  No, I can't read Hebrew from a study of the alphabetical Psalm, but I do at least have a passing acquaintance  with it and it doesn't look totally foreign anymore.  And I really learned how to dig down to the origins of a verse.

And I did notice patterns in the 8-verse sections.  Not all of them followed the pattern, but many did.  The Psalmist, somewhere in the 8 verses, generally did some combination of:
1) Declares his love for the word (law, decrees, statues, ordinances) of God
2) Declares his intention never to leave, abandon or forget that word (law, decrees, etc)
3) Laments the persecution he is is enduring from the ungodly, wicked,  misled, often in authority.
4) Requests God to deliver him from those persecutors
5) Asks God to increase his understanding of God's word (law, decrees, etc)
6) Admits that he has wandered astray from God's perfect way and requests restoration
7) Declares the righteousness and perfection of God's word (law, decrees, etc)
8) Asks God for favor and blessing (not generally in those words)

My key verse for the chapter, though, is verse 160, in the Amplified:

The sum of Your Word is truth [the total of the full meanings of all Your individual precepts] and every one of  Your righteous decrees endures for ever.

To anyone who hung with me through this rather fine-toothed-comb study...thanks!

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