Sunday, November 16, 2014

Those Cards...

Posted By Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

Two weeks ago, I had the idea that I could take those cards from Dive and go through them one at a time, praying over it and listening to see how it should impact my life.

So, when we got our overnight getaway to celebrate My Sweet Baboo's birthday, I took the cards and my journal and picked up the first one.

The gist of the card was that I need to make room daily for time with God.

That was one of my big concerns this summer, when I was spending my lunch hours listening and journaling. I knew when the 40 days were up, I needed to resume the regular lunch;  there's a fellowship amongst all the office ladies that I need to be part of, and it pretty much happens at lunch.  Skipping it for a season is ok...dropping out altogether is not good. So I was concerned that I would not find an alternate time slot.

And, yeah, I didn't.  Here and there, odd moments when I could manage it, but it was managed...not planned.

So the card kind smacked me...both at Dive and two weeks ago.

So I came up with a plan.

Unfortunately, the plan involved getting out of bed early.

Have I mentioned here before how much of a morning person I am NOT?


Last week, I sat down with my journal and thought I would ponder card 2.

And realized I had not yet implemented card 1.

I'm determined not to rush this; I'm not going to card 2 until I have card 1 working in my life.

So...back to the bare facts that, if I'm going to manage a regular quite time with God, I'm going to have to get. up. in. the. cold. dark. morning.

So.  Tomorrow's Monday.

Take 2. 

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  1. Are you awake? Have you spent your time with God this morning? It's a hard thing to start...

    I started working at the Christian school we have as a part of our church. In order to give mysrlf time to spend with God, I get up at 4:30. It's not the early hour that kills me, it's the going to bed late!