Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Little Christmas Sharing

Maybe you decorate for Christmas...  and maybe you don't.   Maybe there's an Advent wreath or an Advent Calendar, or a manger scene .

Maybe there's a big tree in the window, or a little tree in a corner...or both.  Maybe there's a decorated tree in every room, a wreath on the door, figures on the lawn and lights outlining the house.
Maybe you have a snow village or toy trains around your tree.
Or, maybe there are Christmas books. ;-)
Maybe Christmas feels stressful, and you don't have time to enjoy the season...or maybe you find yourself with a moment here and there to smile over the memories.  Or maybe the tinsel and trimmings all seem to be a distraction from what we really celebrate at Christmas, and you struggle to find the balance.
 Maybe the lights on the tree are all white, or maybe they're multicolored.  Maybe they blink or bubble.  Maybe one or two bulbs have been pulled so there is a plug in available for an ornament that talks or plays music...or a spinner.
 Maybe the ornaments are special not because of where they came from, but because of who was with you when you got them.
 Maybe the ornaments are quirky...and maybe they're traditional.
Maybe your tree has a theme...either color coordinated or hung with ornaments that all relate. Or maybe  your tree is full of the randomness of Christmas past.
 Maybe you have ornaments that YOU made before you had a tree of your own to hang them on.
 And maybe there are ornaments that you made that you hang on the back of the tree and smile over...because it seemed like a good idea at the time...
And maybe you've made ornaments that you look at now and wonder if you'd ever have the patience to do that again.

 Maybe you have ornaments that have been on your tree since the first tree in your first home after you left home.
Maybe there are commemorative ornaments with special dates.

And maybe you have ornaments that were on other trees before they were on yours.

I can't invite everyone over to my house to share the festive decorations and have a cup of Christmas tea, but I can wish everyone who stops by Beer Lahai Roi a Christmas full of the blessings of friends and family and the peace and goodwill that the angels sang over the shepherds.  However you celebrate the season,  may God's richest blessings be yours.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I love your thoughts and ornaments you shared with us.

    Please keep our family in your prayers as we lay my husband's uncle to rest tomorrow afternoon. We are glad for a life well lived even as we mourn his passing.

    1. Oh, Miriam, I'm so sorry for your loss...especially at this time. Praying for peace and comfort from the Prince of Peace and sending virtual hugs!

    2. Thank you. The whole day has been blessed. My mother-in-law was so pleased with the entire day as it unfolded. God was with us as we said good-bye to her only sibling.

      My youngest son said it best though. At least our uncle is again getting to spend Christmas with his wife and 4 sons. He made me cry.