Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hebrews, Chapter 1 discussion

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

Suzanne has posted the first installment of the online study of Hebrews; just looking at how she dug into that first chapter is an education in Bible study in and of itself.

I read chapter one last week, marveled at the author's use of OT scriptures,  reveled in the amazingness of Jesus, and waited to see what she'd say.

She listed all the names and titles given to Jesus in that chapter...which made me go back and  look at it again and pay real attention to what each one of those names and titles were, instead of just being dazzled by the whole list.

Then Suzanne contrasted them with what other major religions say about Jesus.

It's pretty eye opening to see the discussion laid out like that.

But here's one thing she said:

In our society today we see an eagerness to assimilate facets from all religions into one modge-podge belief system.  

I read that and thought, 'That is the TRUTH!'

And then I thought about the kingdom of Judah before they were defeated and carried away into captivity.

That is exactly what they did.

They tried to maintain the worship of God, even while they participated in the pagan belief systems around them;  trying to stay in God's favor by going through the motions of worship in the temple while they also did all they could to appease the idols of their unbelieving neighbors.  A 'modge-podge' indeed.

And we all know how that turned out.

All the more reason for us to make sure of our faith...where it is placed, and how we exercise not let any of the opinions of people affect how we relate to the One who is

God's Son
Heir to all things
Creator of the World
The Radiance of God's Glory
The Exact Imprint of God's Nature
The Upholder of the Universe
Superior to Angels
Inheritor of the Most Excellent Name
God whose throne lasts forever
Whose scepter is the scepter of uprightness
Layer of the foundations of the earth
One who stays the same, whose years have no end


On to chapter two...

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