Friday, February 1, 2013

In Memory of STS 107

Today is the tenth anniversary of the tragic end of the mission.  My Sweet Baboo was more involved with STS 107 than any of the other shuttle missions; he actually got to go to Houston and work on the ground crew.  He came home as soon as they wrapped up the science, though, so he was home (actually, he was at a men's ministry breakfast at church) when the news broke.  It was an abrupt end to the Space Hab program, which he'd been on since before the first Space Hab module flew. He bounced around from team to team at work and even moved over to doing engineering analysis on aircraft rather than spacecraft for a number of years.

But the impact on us was not nearly as great as the impact on the families of the folks who were on that flight.  My prayers are with them for God's strength and comfort at the ten year milestone.

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