Monday, October 29, 2012

Translation Transition

It was a college graduation gift from my previous church, gettin' close to 30 years ago.

I put it in a cover which, as it turned out, was not a good idea.  The handle on the spine put stress on the binding and the stitching and, well, it began to break down.

It started coming apart at the first section join and I managed to get it more or less repaired with glue and packing tape. But then the second join started to split; when it got to this point, I tried to repair it again.

Unfortunately the glue spread a little bit and the center margin is stuck together...covering the last letter on each line. And that section is a little off kilter -- crooked-- from the rest of the volume. Sadness.

It's a Scofield NIV, which I have used and loved and marked and nearly memorized the page location of almost every favorite verse.

But it's obviously time to retire this volume and begin the process again.  I put a replacement Scofield NIV on my Christmas list.

However,  I had to run to the local Christian Bookseller last week to get a DVD for our sleepover, and when I checked out the clerk pointed out to me that they had small NIV's on special for $5.  I thought, '$5!  That'll be a great thing to get and carry around when I don't want to lug the Big Bible!' (I have a stupidphone, so no icloud versions are available to me...).  Anyway, I got a cute little purple NIV and immediately began marking it as I read.

Only...somehow, as I read, the text seemed a pinch odd.  I just thought I was mixing up translations in my head; I use several different ones at different times, which pretty much means any verse I quote is some mishmash of KJV/NIV/NKJV/NASB.  Anyway, I didn't check to see *why* it seemed odd; I just went with it.

But this Sunday, I was using it in class and my only student that morning commented that what I was reading did not match what she had in her NIV.  I stopped then and looked carefully and...she was right.  There was nothing to indicate that the NIV I had was not what I was expecting, until I dug into the preface and found that there was a revision in 2011, reflecting the changes in language usage since 1984

Now, there's nothing wrong with that; the whole point of the NIV is to put the Bible into current language...  and the language has changed a bit in 30 years.  But I would've liked a little clue that this was a revision (I suppose it could have been on the shrink wrap packaging somewhere; if so, I missed it). The literature I use for my girls classes is based on the 1984 edition; the 'fill in the blanks' and word searches and crossword puzzles are quite tricky with anything else.

.*Can* I get a 1984 edition Scofield anymore? Or should I just go and get an ereader, which will probably not cost that much more than a full grain leather Bible?

No.  I want a Bible I can hold and mark... ;-)


  1. Check on Amazon. There might be one on there or Ebay. I definitely saw one on Amazon though. :)

  2. Sigh. No luck on Amazon or Ebay or even I want the same burgundy top-grain leather Scofield 1984 NIV that I have falling apart on me due to my ignorance...and there is nothing like that. I did find one leather NIV Scofield on Amazon, but it was black leather, not full grain. My Sweet Baboo actually called one of our local Christian bookstores to ask, and he was told that when the 2011 edition was released, Zondervan recalled all the 1984 editions and shredded them. But, that store was a Zondervan affiliate, so perhaps they only recalled them from their own stores, as there seem to be a few left here and there. I did find some used that might even be the same one I have now...but they have other people's names on them. :-/

    1., there's a place called 'discountbibleguysdotcom' that has something that looks like the thumb-indexed version of my old Bible. Maybe I should ditch the 'Christmas List' idea and just order it, since they seem to be so scarce...

    2. ...and I recollected that I never used money given to me for my birthday for anything. So I ordered it. Sent Media Mail, I might have it by Christmas...