Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Splendiferous Weekend...

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

July 2014 was the last time I took a group of girls to the state Girls Ministry camp...we were changing programs for our girls, which meant that we would  no longer be participating in the annual camp, as we would not be doing the curriculum associated with the denomination hosting the camp.

It was a lovely place and, despite the fact that there was a certain level of stress associated with being responsible for the girls, I savored moments of spiritual communing by the lake there. I always thought it would be beautiful in the fall, but, hey, there was no reason for me to go in the fall.  I was sad when we left that last year; I expected that was the last time I would be there.


Our boys program is still with the curriculum from that denomination, and my hubby has worked with the boys at church for something like 14 years.  Every year, there is a weekend retreat for the commanders (the term for the guys who teach the boys) and their wives the same camp/conference center, which is adjacent to the state boys' campground.  Historically, it has been the 2nd weekend in September...which is always the weekend of our big women's conference at church.  Until 2014, the men of our church worked childcare for the conference, but we had to quit offering childcare because we had more kids than we had space.

Off the hook for childcare, My Sweet Babboo went to the Royal Ranger conference.  Came back talking about how great it was and how much he wished I could've gone...or could go. base admin... registration... there's no way I could miss the women's conference.  He went again last year by himself.  The state senior commander talked to him about the dates...would we ever move our conference?

Um, not gonna happen.

Ok, he said, let me see what I can do.

About a year ago, he called My Sweet Babboo and asked him how the last weekend in October looked.  I checked the church calendar and there was nothing listed.  We agreed it looked good, and that we'd go together.

Well...due to a series of events, our first big Men's conference, which had been scheduled during the summer, had to be rescheduled.  Wouldn't you know...they moved it to the last weekend in October.

Data base admin... registration.... aaiiieeee.  I talked to our Men's pastor.  I've got a prior commitment. They moved the conference for us.  We have to go.  He shook his head...but agreed.

So I ended up creating the lists for check in...helping set up...explaining the processes to a few of our usual registration volunteers and one staff person.  Then I went with my Sweet Baboo to the conference center that had wifi I couldn't access and limited phone reception.

In all the years we've been going there, for Rangers and Girls camps, this was the first time we ever went together.

I did get a text yesterday morning...a list I was supposed to generate that I totally forgot about in the crunch.  But my back-home folks were capable and once I pointed them in the right direction, they ran the list without any more coaching.  Whew.

And I got to spend quiet time by the lake the fall...with My Sweet Babboo.   Add to that the word we received and the people I was a gift.

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