Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snapshot 1/21/16

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

Seriously?  The first Snapshots post since May of 2014?

I guess I've been a better blogger than I realize; since these are to  bridge the gap between an extended not-blogging period and getting back in the groove.

I am home today with no transportation.

The second car is in the shop because the front suspension is making alarming grating, creaking, grinding noises.

It may or may not have anything to do with the fact that the Actor apparently ran up onto a curb and then dropped off of it a couple of weeks ago.

We were not told this until yesterday.

Hoping it's just an alignment issue.

But I had already worked more than my allotted 48 hours in this pay period anyway.

Our annual Servant Leaders conference was last  weekend.

We had very nearly 1200 folks preregistered; that beat our old preregistration record by over 300.

It was incredible and I'm still going to be processing it for a while.  The sessions are supposed to be online soon; I intend to go back and watch them.

While I'm not preoccupied with registration logistics.

Meantime, I had signed up to take the part two class of the prayer ministry school offered at church.

I took part one last year and had no intentions whatsoever to take part 2.  There are some teachings by this particular curriculum that I find I just cannot accept.

But there's also a good bit of real instruction there.

Just before the deadline (actually, the day after the deadline; I had to turn the form back on to register...the advantages to being the data base admin) I decided that, since I wasn't committed to teaching or any other such thing at the moment, I might as well go for it and signed up.

I've already hit that issue that makes me shake my head really hard.

So I'm trying hard to dodge the issue without making a fuss in the discussion group.

But it's hard.  I'm just that bull-headed.  So maybe this is a good exercise in extending grace.

We are headed into the second of six Saturday seminars.  Surely I can push past the aggravation to get the benefit.

Maybe this is a good exercise in personal discipline.

All I know is...I didn't want to do this, yet I did.  So God must  have a purpose.  I'm not going to quit and so not see that.

I just hope the teeth gritting doesn't aggravate my TMJ. ;-)

I intend to pick back up with the New Beginnings series tomorrow.

I kinda feel like I've gone past New Beginnings at this point, but I will finish Genesis.  There'll be only a couple more  posts anyway.

I feel like my focus is shifting a bit from starting to investing/growth.  That'll be a post or two on its own.

See you tomorrow with one last look at Judah...

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