Monday, June 29, 2015

An Evening with the Whip-poor-wills

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

Y'know, before this past Saturday, I had never actually heard a whip-poor-will call.

The Princesses' in-laws have a cabin on a lake about an hour and a half away.  After three years of failed attempts, she finally managed to get us and her siblings all there for a weekend.

It's one of the places in the country where there is ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONE RECEPTION. 

Which meant no internet, no instagram posts, no facebook conversations...just a weekend of family interaction.

The main attraction is the lake and the kayaks were put to use, along with inflated rings and other flotation devices.  I'm not a water person...a couple of bad experiences with water as a kid have pretty much convinced my autonomic nervous system that water is Not To Be I hiked from the cabin  down the hill  to the lake and back a few times taking pictures.   Played some dominoes with My Sweet Babboo.  Listened to the Actor and a buddy of his who tagged along playing worship music, rotating amongst the available instruments...ukelele, guitar, harmonica and djimbe.  Sat on the porch swing and polished up the song for the month of June (I wrote a Christmas song.  That's when it should be written, right, if it's possibly going to be used at Christmas?).

We had a bit of rain in advance of a cold front that finally went through Saturday afternoon, so Saturday evening was cool and clear; the gibbous moon was bright enough to cast shadows.  My Sweet Babboo, the Princess and I sat outside as the fire we'd used to roast weenies and marshmallows died to embers.  We looked at the brighter stars that were visible in the moonlight and listened to a handful of whip-poor-wills calling in the woods around the cabin.

Those are the moments that make a summer.  They come way too seldom.

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