Friday, August 17, 2012

Snapshot 8/17/12

Yesterday was our 32nd wedding anniversary.

32 years is a lot of years;  hard to believe it has been that many, or that our kids are as old as they are.

Makes that line in 'Sunrise, Sunset' really profound, talking about kids, 'I don't remember growing older; when did they?'

I'm still playing catch up from two-out-of-three weeks of travel in July, both at home and at work.

And the Girl's Ministry advancement/awards celebration is Wednesday night; we're about to start again with a bunch of fresh faces in the classroom.

Which is already full.

Gonna be interesting.

Got one more weekend trip coming up next week; The Princess and I are going back home to attend my niece's wedding. 

Also gonna be interesting.

Maybe by Labor Day weekend I can actually catch my breath...

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