Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Day off the Wagon

Prince Charming's birthday was last week; however, he was on a business trip so appropriate celebrations didn't happen in a timely fashion.

So we had a family dinner after church today to celebrate him.

By request, I made Chicken fajita soup (or Mexican chicken soup or Chicken tortilla soup or just 'chicken soup'...the recipe I got had no name on it and we just kind of call it whatever comes to mind first), and chocolate cake.

Now, I have taken the fast quite seriously and really pretty well stuck to my plan, although I had to modify it a bit after the trip to the ER, since it became obvious that I would have to actually eat food so I could take medicine I had to take.

But I feel pretty strongly about not fasting on feast days.  Celebrations are meant to happen (there are more annual feasts than annual fasts in the Bible).  So I had a dilemma.  Should I fix the party food and then eat yogurt and cottage cheese, or should I celebrate with the family?

I bet you can guess which one I picked....although I did hold off on the 'extras' that go in the soup, like tortilla chips and sour cream and cheese.  Points for that...then I lost the points by overindulging in the chocolate cake.  I started out with a two-bite piece, then I got another two-bite piece, and one more two-bite piece; I think I ended up eating about the same amount everyone else did.

Which goes to prove that I will have to maintain some pretty tough discipline on myself once the fast is over on Friday.  I can NOT go back to my old patterns and habits and indulgences. One day every once in a while for a celebration is not a problem, but I can't give in to cravings and desires on a daily basis.  I really have been feeling much better the last few days; I need to keep the healing going by continuing to monitor my food intake.

And I'm PLANNING to add some exercise to the regimen  starting next Monday.  That's gonna take more will power and determined discipline than watching what I eat; that will require getting out of bed when it's still dark and chilly in the house...not something I am good at doing at all.

But this is the best chance I'm going to have to get myself back into any kind of shape.  I can't let myself miss it.  I just can't.  (Hear that, Self???)

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