Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Minute Writing

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

I've seen some 'participate and link up' memes floating around where the bloggers are given a particular word and have to write for 5 minutes without stopping and editing...just as an exercise in creative writing.  I've thought about participating once or twice, but never really caught it right.

But tonight....

We're starting a song writers group at church.  I don't know if I can contribute much, but, given the manuscript sitting in a drawer waiting on...something...I thought I should go and see what I can learn.

The first meeting was tonight.  Our leader had a small table with random things on it...a little ceramic bird, a candle in a holder, a tv remote...stuff like that.

We were to choose one item and write however it inspired us for five minutes.  I didn't quite finish what I wanted to say in that five minutes, but I have to confess that even as I was writing it I thought, 'Oh, this will make a good blog post!' five minute assignment...with no editing, although I will finish it ;-)

Little Birds in a nest
 2004...the week leading up to [The Princess's] graduation.  Mama robin had built a nest in the holly bush  in front of the living room window and the four eggs hatched.

Amid the preparation for the graduation festivities we would stand in the window and watch as mama and papa robin fed those creatures that were little more than gaping mouths.

But they grew with astonishing speed, turning from mouths into indignant looking naked birds, then growing pin feathers and opening their eyes to see the world.

Photos barely captured the transformation, as in just a matter of days they became too big for the nest, crowding together and vying for the tidbits mama and papa continued to bring.

Graduation day...we joined the throngs at the civic center to see our girl cross the stage, deliver her speech and move her tassel.

Morning after, she left to spend a week with her grandparents, a high school graduate with her future before her.
(as far as I got.  And I was so close to finishing!)
We returned to normal life, and the baby birds hopped about the branches in the bush. The next day...they all flew away.

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