Monday, February 10, 2014

Hebrews 12 - Running the Race

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

Oy.  What is it about cold weather and junk food?  Here in the Rocket City we have another  winter weather frenzy building...this will be about the third one this year, but we have yet to see more than a dusting of frozen precip, for all that it's been way colder than normal.

This has played havoc with my plan to eat healthy and get moving; when the weather's cold outside every instinct is to hunker down with comfort clothes and comfort food.

So that injunction that leaps off the page right at the top of Hebrews 12 brings a bit of a blush to my good intentions...

let us lay aside every weight...and run with endurance...


Seriously, though, Hebrews 12 is a call to get focused and stay focused; maintaining the enduring faith.  And, as I read that first verse again, I suddenly saw it in a new light.  I'd always considered that 'great cloud of witnesses' being the folks who had been described in the previous chapter, now, having run their races, cheering on those of us who were still running ours.

But it struck me that 'witness' may not be referring to watching may be referring to the testimony of God's faithfulness that those folks now can proclaim.  Suddenly, I didn't see the cloud of witnesses as folks that we are to perform for, so to speak, but folks who have shown us what God did in their lives so that we can dare to believe He would do the same in ours.

So, how do we maintain this enduring faith?

- Get rid of anything that distracts, disables, entangles, or hinders (vs 1)
- Follow the example of Jesus and focus on the joy after the trial (v.s 2)
- Endure discipline as sons (vs 3  - 11)
- Encourage and strengthen yourself and those around you; keep your relationships pure (vs. 12 - 17)
- Do not refuse to hear God as the Israelites coming out of Egypt did (vs 18 - 25)
- Be grateful for the kingdom that will not be shaken when everything else is shaking (vs.26 - 28a)
- Worship God with reverence and awe (28b - 29)

I think I'm going to set myself the challenge to read Hebrews 12 at least once a week...until I can get the discipline back and throw off some weight and move with endurance.

In more ways than one. ;-)

Check out Suzanne's breakdown of discipline .

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