Friday, January 24, 2014

School Dreams...

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Ok, I've done 4 Bible-study catch up posts in a row; think I'm gonna catch my breath and talk about something else.

School dreams.

Not the 'oh, I have a dream of someday returning to school and becoming a ____' kinda dreams, I'm talking dreaming at night about being in school and forgetting to go to class or being unprepared for a test or, like the one I had last night, not remembering WHICH class I'm supposed to be at now or WHERE it is or even WHERE my locker is and, oh, I can't remember the can I get my books and notes and the things I need for the class I know I'm supposed to be at someplace???

Sometimes it's high school...sometimes it's college and it's right before finals and I suddenly remember that I should've been going to class for the last 10 weeks...

I always wake up tense and frustrated.

And wondering if there's something I'm forgetting to do or overlooking.

I think this is pretty common; I know several of my friends have told me that they have dreams like that, too.
 I really hadn't taken vacation last year, working more than my part-time hours and then working at home, stashing comp time, trying to get stuff done for the data base transfer or get things running afterwards. The rest of life was kinda on hold.  But I had an extended Christmas break, using as much vacation time as I could before it went away on the 31st...and I had plans to work on stuff that had been postponed.

But we got sick.  For the entire break and then some. Nothing got caught up.  Nothing.

I'm wondering if the frustrating school dream is connected to the fact that I feel behind in everything.

Yesterday I spent some time on a volunteer job that was behind; I had a plan to tackle that in a couple of weeks, but because I was getting some pressure to get on top of it now I spent about 4 hours doing what I could to fix things up a bit.  Oh, it was appreciated, and I guess I'm glad to have the ball rolling there, but... well... I'm still behind on a lot.

And I'm having trouble figuring out which behind project needs attention most.

What class am I supposed to be at?  Where is it?

So...I know this sounds whiney, and it really isn't meant to.  Just trying to run down the source of the lost and confused and pressured feeling that expressed itself in a dream last night. I think it's interesting to see how real life percolates around and turns up in dreams.

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