Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dropping by to say 'Hi'...

posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

We are coming down the home stretch on this data migration; the real dump is coming from our old provider on Wednesday.

I wish I had another month to clean more data, but, alas, I do not.  I'm going to run a couple more searches through my lists of possible inactive folks, just to make sure that no one who has been around for the last year or so is included in those lists, then I will deactivate the whole lot.

I'll probably have some mistakes, but we have so many old records that we really don't want to move that I'm willing to take the risk.

I missed the July 15 memory verse...headed out for Girls Camp that day and just couldn't get it in.  Not sure I'll make the Aug 1 list, I said, this is the home stretch.  We'll see.

But apparently no one has any 15 minute stress-buster suggestions, so I'll throw out what I've been doing.

If I'm at work... Get up and walk away.  Get a cup of coffee, chat with a co-worker. 

If I'm not at work... Get up and walk away.  Sit on  the porch swing a bit.  Play a game with the kids.  Work through a couple of chapters of my Bible Survey.  Sort laundry (well, yeah, it is kinda stress relieving to see the piles shrink)

The less wise ideas:  eat a bowl of ice cream.  Eat a hershey bar.  Raid the refrigerator. 

Um, yeah. 

Getting there...

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