Monday, March 26, 2012


Progressing along with the update; I think I've got the basics down; it'll probably be a while before I get all the links back.  I've edited them a bit; a number of bloggers that I had linked have all but stopped posting; if/when they pick back up I'll reactivate their links.  I have a few more that I'm reading but I just haven't managed to link 'em up yet.

I'm not sure why the timestamp is overwriting my name; I can't find anywhere to adjust that.  I may have to look at the actual html for that...sigh.    Ah.  Found it.  Fixed it.  Now I'm happier.

But the real test of the success/failure will be when I start linking up the old series/studies, to see if I can just do one link for a whole series instead of breaking it up into page-size chunks.

But that'll be a task for another day...

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