Sunday, July 24, 2016

Work for the Waiting Room...

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

So, for the second time in my adult life, I have been summoned for Jury Duty.

I'm really hoping that I don't get picked for a jury...I have some important meetings at work at the end of the week.  So I'm heading to the courthouse tomorrow praying that all the cases on the docket get resolved before they get to the jury selection stage.

I wasn't so lucky the first time...I actually got picked and was on a case in which I honestly wanted to render a verdict of 'stupid' for all parties involved.

If adults would just act like adults it would save our court system much expense and effort.

But, be that as it may, I'm looking at up to two full days of hanging around the jury lounge.

So I'm taking my schoolwork with me...I just finished the second class on my online journey to a Master's of Ministry in Religious Education ('Biblical Interpretation') and the third class is looking to be very interesting.'Understanding Church Ministries' is the name of the class, and the textbook is 'Re-Thinking Church' by James Emory White.  I've read the introduction (which was required) and a bit of the first chapter and am already having paradigms creak and groan. I've also got 5 articles to read and comprehend...and a good bit of  writing to do concerning the book.

So I think I've got enough to stay busy.  And, who knows, if I work two straight full days, I may finish this class up in less than a month.  That would be good; I'm a little behind on my self-imposed 'finish by May 2017' time line.

But, you know,  I might take my sophisticated coloring book and colored pencils too...just in case I feel the need to stop and ponder what I've read...

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