Friday, May 8, 2015

All Things New: New Study

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

Last week I had a dream; kind of a variation on the school dream...y'know, the one in which you suddenly realize that you are a week from finals and you forgot to go to class for the entire semester.

Only this dream wasn't about school, per se, it was about a Bible study at church that was to be taught online.  It had been publicized and had folks signed up.  And it wouldn't have been a big deal that I forgot...only I was the teacher.  The day after the first class was to have happened, I suddenly realized that I had missed the introductory live chat scheduled for the night before with all the folks who were signed up for the study.

I woke up pondering that.  Aside from the look at Holy Week, which was just a short daily deal, I haven't done a study since last fall's look at the Hebrew words for praise, largely because I was neck-deep in our prayer ministry school.

But one of the main reasons I started Beer Lahai Roi was to put a demand on the teaching anointing.   When I wrote that first post in April of 2008, I was just a helper/filler-inner in the Friends Club...I didn't see the lead teacher position that was waiting on me in just a couple of months.  When the fall came, I was solidly in that position and had plenty demand on the teacher in me.

But now I am back at the place I was in the spring of '08.  Maybe even farther back, as I was at least filling in as a teacher then.  Now...for this immediate season...there is nothing.

So last week, I dreamed that I had neglected my online study.

It's time to get it cranked up here.

I've been pondering all week what I should do for a study...pick a book of the Bible?  A character?  A theme?

It was the idea of a theme that resonated...2015 is a year of new beginnings...and I suddenly thought about a look at new beginnings in Scripture.  How many folks experienced transition from something to something...and how did they handle it?

I thought of several immediately.

So.  This is probably  not going to be heavy on the revvy or deep in any way, but I'm going to use the next however many Fridays to take a stroll through Scripture and look at folks who found themselves in a place of new beginnings, where the old paradigms were out the window and new, unexplored territory lay before them.

I haven't done a's going to be something of an unplanned journey.  We'll start in Genesis and see what we encounter along the way.

Join me for 'All Things New'...

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