Friday, July 20, 2012

A Blessing for the Flute Player

When she was in band (her PE substitute), she switched for a bit to a school-owned piccolo.   And she absolutely loved playing it.

But she had to give it back last year, as her schedule didn't allow her a slot in the day for band.

She's kept playing her flute, but she has frequently lamented that she missed the piccolo.

She dropped great hints that she wanted a piccolo for Christmas, for her birthday...but, wow, have you ever priced a piccolo?  Even a well used one?


Then, this past Sunday, she talked to an older friend who owned a piccolo.  And the friend suggested  she check Craig's List.

So, while she was sitting in the sound booth in the children's sanctuary waiting for her sound cues,  she  cruised CL via her iPod and found a piccolo, listed in 'excellent' condition, for the astonishing price of two hundred and fifty dollars.

Which, owing to her saving Christmas and Birthday money for a fall church trip to Disney, she had.  And she declared that she would rather use it for a piccolo, that she would have forever, than a trip that would last a few days and then be over. 

So, while she was at camp, My Sweet Baboo made the arrangements to meet up with the seller and purchase the instrument.

He discovered that it had been listed on Craig's List once before, but no one had responded to the ad.  She'd just relisted it Sunday morning.  They'd purchased it used for their daughter when she was in High School, and now were selling it for college funds.

MSB dropped it off at the local instrument store/repair shop for a check up, where they consulted whatever the equivalent to a Blue Book for instruments is and learned that this particular model, in that condition, was worth, well, a good bit more than 250 bucks.  My Sweet Baboo said that he kinda felt bad for the lady who sold it...but if it had been any more expensive, the Flute Player could not have purchased it.

I think it's an interesting detail that he actually picked it up for her on her 16th birthday.

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  1. That's awesome! I'm trying to convince my flute player to get a piccolo, too.