Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Friday

And Friday is my normal 'post something rather Bible-studyish' day.

For well over a year now, that's been skim through the next book of the Bible and talk about one verse or passage that stirred my spirit.

But all things do come to an end, and I've even posted the summary of all 66 verses/passages.  Time to move 'Faithful Friday Faves' to the 'Past Series' column and begin afresh.

Two things are holding that up.

1) I haven't decided what to dig into next and
2) I really, really need to do a little sprucing up/cleaning up/ reworking the ol' blog.  This nice green is restful and easy on the eyes, which is important, but... the 'body' column is awfully narrow and  when you click on a label, you  get one page of posts with that label.  That's it.  That's why I have so many series posts broken down into chunks; it's my attempt to keep them all searchable.  'Cause when a topic runs longer than one page, the older posts can't be searched and found.  I think that's just because Blogger is moving away from these ancient template styles and they're not supporting them anymore.  Whatever.  It's annoying and inconvenient.

So it's time to move to a more current version of Blogger, if only so I can just make ONE label for each series, instead of this silly 'Part 1, Part 2' stuff.

It's a metaphor for my house, actually.  It's a wreck.  Housework has been neglected for so long I'm ashamed...yes, even think of having folks over or entertaining.  I was embarrassed for our contractor to walk through while he was rebuilding the porch (which, as I've said, is at an indefinite hold point as well).

I need to do some cleaning up, sprucing up, throwing out, reorganizing here, too.  (Not to mention painting and changing out window treatments and moving things around).

So, in more ways than one, moving forward is going to go on hold a bit while things are rejuvenated.

However, just how I'm going to manage this while working and participating in two costuming efforts remains to be seen.

I need a 48 hour day.  About a month's worth.

And lots and lots of grace.

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