Monday, August 1, 2016

Lame Excuses...

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

So, no...I did not get picked to be on a jury.  I was actually released about noon on Tuesday, but, being a part time employee I don't qualify for paid jury leave.

I have plenty of banked comp time, so it really didn't matter, but this is promotion season, when all the kids classes advance to the next level, so there is some tedious group-switching-work going on in the data base, PLUS...our women's conference is just around the corner and I'm trying really hard to stay caught up on registrations. So I worked 4 hours on Friday to try and catch up.

Plus, we finally had that long-postponed family celebration dinner for the Flute Player's 20th birthday, now that all the travelers have come home.

So...long story short, I did not get even half of my Ps. 119 post done last week. 

But I have gotten about 95% of my current West Coast class finished...I charged through 6 of the 8 chapters in the textbook on Monday, so it has not been a total washout.  I have one more video to watch and summarize and I'll be done with class #3...which will make me 1/4 of the way through. 

And I've already ordered and received the book for class #4.  Chuggin' right along.

I will try to get the Tsadhe post up this week; I know that next week's blogging will also be non-existing, just looking at the schedule.  But we're in the home stretch; there are only 4 letters left after Tsadhe.  Almost done with Ps. 119.  It's been a great exercise in word study; I've learned a lot, even if it hasn't really significant to anyone else.

But that's pretty true of my blogging in general, so I'm good with that. ;-)

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