Friday, April 20, 2012

A Mystery in the House

Wednesday night, after teaching my middle school girls and then going to the high school to finish up last minute costume tweaks while waiting on the Flute Player to be released from rehearsal,  I came home and caught up on email and blog posts and whatnot, then finally headed to bed around 12:30 AM.  Happened to think that I should feed the cat, whom I hadn't seen all evening but figured she was asleep on the foot of the bed upstairs.

Imagine my surprise when I looked up from pouring her food in her bowl and happened to glance at the cat carrier, which has been sitting in the dinette since we moved it off of the porch, and saw that she was looking at me out of it. Locked in.

Now, the latch for the door actually has to be pinched together to secure or release it...i.e., she couldn't just have gone in and had it swing shut behind her.  Someone locked her in.

The Actor was upstairs most of the evening, and said she'd been in his window most all day.  But he had gone outside for a half an hour or so to work at mowing the back yard.  He couldn't remember if he'd seen her after he came back in or not.  Neither he nor My Sweet Baboo admit to any knowledge of how the kitty got locked in her carrier.  The Flute Player had gone straight upstairs after we got home from the rehearsal; she was cleared. did the cat get locked up?



The mystery is solved.  Under direct questioning, the Flute Player admitted to putting the cat in the carrier before we left the house on Wednesday; she said the cat was bothering her (THAT'S a mystery in itself!), so she locked her up and then forgot to let her out.  

I'd just assumed she was still free when we left.

So the lesson learned here is...never assume...

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