Thursday, May 5, 2011

Long Way from Normal

It feels artificial to me to go about my business as if life were what it was just two weeks ago.

And that feels hypocritical, because, to a very, very large extent, my life has not changed that much. The power is back, the internet is back...the bass is thumping from The Artists' stereo and dishes are starting to pile in the sink again.

But tonight we visited the funeral home to support dear friends whose adult daughter died in the storms last week. She left her parents' house after one storm had destroyed their back yard and disrupted their power, not aware that she was heading right into the teeth of the worst storm to cross the county.

There are no words to say. You just hug them and hurt with them and pray for strength and grace.

I am documenting the contacts and the needs as they come into the church office; it's not much, but it's my part.

That and prayer.

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