Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mysterious Ways...

So, early last week I walked into Publix and saw vacuum packed pork loins on sale for, like, $3.50/lb. I didn't have an immediate need for one, but thought I could make use of it before the 'sell by date'. Besides, I'd seen a recipe online for crock-pot pulled pork that I wanted to try. So I put a 6+ lb piece of meat in the cart and went about the rest of my shopping.

Fast forward to Monday. I needed something to cook for a church-staff carry in dinner yesterday and decided I could do the pork loin in the crock-pot overnight and it'd be ready to take. I was just gonna cook about half of it and stick the other half in the freezer, but My Sweet Baboo suggested I just cook all of it. I had to cut it into two pieces to get it to fit into the crock pot, but it fit. I woke up at about 3:30 yesterday morning and smelled it cooking all the way upstairs. Yum.

I pulled the pork before work, put half of it in the fridge and took the rest to church (in the crock pot). I was one of two folks who brought pulled pork, and mine was down the table a bit so the other one got mostly eaten. Mine mostly sat in the crock-pot (which was on). So I took it home and figured we'd eat a lot of pork this week.

But, no sooner had I gotten it into the fridge than I got a text message from The Actor. Rehearsal was running late; was there any way I could pick up pizzas or something so the cast/crew of the one act could eat?

Y'all, I had enough pulled pork already cooked to feed 'em. I put the leftovers back in the crock-pot, along with the first part I'd stuck in the fridge that morning, added a bit of water and put it on high while I went to Target and got a case of water (on sale), a couple bags of chips (on sale) and some cheese sticks and buns (on sale). By the time I got home, the meat was all heated through, so I unplugged the crock pot, set it in the car and headed to school.

I marveled all evening that I had food ready. And it was just exactly enough. I brought home an empty crock-pot.

That's the way God causes us to work a lot of the goosebumps, no visions or trumpet blasts...just, wow, He makes everything work out.

Even with pork. ;-)


  1. LOL...In response to your comment. I call them blonde moments, we all have them and in a few years I guess I will call them senior moments.

  2. Yep. That's how it works - we just must be willing to trust and obey. Yesterday at ladies ensemble practice, our pianist/music minister's wife (basically they run the music program together), asked us if we could not have a rehearsal next Tues. because she and her husband were spending the day with Frank and Flora Jean Garlock (you might know them from Majesty Music, Patch the Pirate - their son in-law, etc.) friends of theirs and our church who would be there for our church's 30th anniv. celebration on Sunday. We were happy to "sacrifice" our practice time for them. Wouldn't you know it, I get an email last night from a high school teacher needing a sub for Mon, Tues, and Wed. of next week because she had been asked to chaperone some students to a leadership conference. All day subbing. Including last hour on Tues, which would have been my ensemble practice, but since I didn't have ensemble practice, it all worked out. Amazing how He works out the schedules in advance to let us a be a blessing without us knowing it.