Tuesday, September 7, 2010

RD: The Post-Labor Day Edition

Once again, Linda delves into the realm of the trivial, the obscure and the pensive... click the icon to peruse other answers or link up your own!

1. Describe the best sandwich in the world, according to you.
Two well-toasted slices of whole wheat bread upon which is spread a liberal amount of mayonnaise (NOT Miracle Whip!!!), containing thinly sliced, peeled, vine ripened tomatoes and a slice of Velveeta cheese. MMmmmmmm......

2. Which inspires you more: a good conversation, a song, a book or movie?
I love love love good conversation (don't get much anymore, do we?), and a a movie will, now and again, get me connecting dots in my head, but books consistently send me to my journal to record a response.

3. What is your favorite board game?
That's easy! Scrabble(R)! No, wait, it's Clue(R)! I mean, Trivial Pursuit(R)!

4. As you grow older, are you more or less patient with small children?
Probably less. I'm in a stage of life where I'm not around small kids very much at all; I've lost touch with my patient persona. Hopefully it will return about the time grandkids show up.

5. Name one item you never let yourself run out of.

6. Do you agree with Tennyson's assertion, "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?"
Yes...love leaves a legacy.

7. Name one national treasure or monument that you have visited.
The National Mall. Covers a bunch.

8. Which is more painful, to be disappointed in someone else or to be disappointed in yourself?
Probably to be disappointed in myself. I will eventually forgive and release someone who disappoints me...after all, they're only human and all that, but I'm still agonizing over mistakes I made and things I did that I wish I hadn't done years and years ago...arrrrggghh!

9. What makes your kitchen uniquely yours?
The MESS it's in right now!! No one else could slop up a kitchen so fast and then take so long to get it back to clean...it's one of my gifts...

10. Are you a crafty person?
If by 'crafty', you mean 'can I take string, paper plates and Wal-Mart bags and make something cool to decorate my house?' the answer is absolutely not. But if you mean 'Can you make things?', I'll just refer you to My Sewing Blog and you can judge for yourself.

11. What is your favorite traditional picnic or bbq (cookout) food?
Chicken and dumplings. Really. When I was a kid, about the only picnicking we did was the annual Warren Reunion...and it wasn't a picnic so much as it was a carry in dinner held at the local park. My grandmother always made a big pot of chicken and dumplings. It was one of my favorite parts of the reunion meal.

12. Name one leisurely activity you enjoyed over Labor Day Weekend.
I sewed! Put two new tops in my closet! Hence the wreck in the kitchen...


  1. Ok...so I've never heard of taking Chicken and Dumplings to a picnic! Very interesting item! Loved your "love" question. Simple answer but oh so true!

  2. My mom was a professional seamstress....It was a little discouraging because she usually took whatever project I was attempting and did it right, and quickly. But I can stitch a mean hem. She used to pay me $.50 per....

  3. I echo the applause for #6. And I can't believe I didn't put Milk for #5. We go through about 6 gallons a week.

  4. #9-I have the same gift.

    I also loved your answer to #6...so very true.

  5. Great answers, especially #6! I've been to the National Mall, too...isn't it wonderful?

  6. Ah, I can see by #10 that you are a purist! I get it. ;-) Thanks for playing along this week!

  7. Great answers. Sewing is one thing I just can't get the hang of.

  8. Oh maaaaan! I haven't had chicken and dumplings in... FOREVER! (at least 10 years...) I suddenly feel a NEED.

    I used to sew sooooooo much. My sewing machine has been in a box for the past few years... I should get it out again. These days I'm into paint though...

  9. Great answers! You had two of the same favorite board game answers as I did. :) Hope you'll check mine out...it's podcast-style.

  10. Yum! I love a good tomato sandwich too! And I wish I could sew clothes! I can handle curtains, pillow cases, pillows, you know, stuff that requires no talent and only straight lines!

  11. I'm a little behind on this but I loved your list!

  12. How could I have forgotten tomato sandwiches! Yum!

    If you can sew, then I consider you a crafty person!

  13. Sewing is a craft for sure!

    I think I have the same gift in the kitchen as you :p