Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moldova Miracles

Our church has had a long standing relationship with Philip Cameron, and we've been greatly involved with his ministry to Moldovan Orphans.

For the last few years, he's been bringing some of the girls that have been given an alternative to the usual danger of being an orphan over 16 over to the US for a few weeks in the summer to visit churches that have been connected to the ministry, and today they made their visit to The Rocket City.

The videos of those services can be seen HERE, if you're interested; just scroll down until you see the ones that say 'Philip Cameron' from either 8/21/10 or 8/22/10 (I'd recommend either the Saturday service or the 11:30 Sunday service; those are the ones w/o time constraints and they're a little more informative).

Saturday, our church participated in a city-wide prayer event...many churches came together at the civic center and prayed for our city, our region, our students, our government...etc. The local paper put an article on their online news service about it, with the caption 'Prayer Changes Things'.

I didn't know that it was there, until a friend of mine posted the link, saying how sad it was that people reacted so negatively to prayer. Sure enough, comment after comment spewed bitterness and scorn upon this simple little prayer service.

"Prayer changes things?" scoffed one commenter, "Show me one verifiable thing changed by prayer. I'm waiting."

I thought of that as I sat in this weekend's services and heard from 15 girls whose lives have been completely and dramatically changed from abject hopelessness to a hope and a future...because someone dared to pray and follow God's leadership. I wished I could sit that person down and just let him/her hear what I heard and see what I saw.

But there are none so blind as those who will not see...

Anyway, I've already decided that I will play along with the Random Dozen this week, and I'm gonna do a giveaway related to the weekend along with it (because I get more readers when I link up w/the RD crew...more folks will have a chance to win ;) )

So...see ya Wednesday! ;)

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