Friday, May 26, 2017

Summer Study: Galatians

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

I have an itch to do another study and decided to dive into Galatians, one of my favorite books, for the summer.

Paul writes an alarmed epistle to the believers in Galatia;  other teachers had followed him and were confusing the new believers with doctrines based on human achievement and religious activity.  The churches in Iconium, Lystra, Pisidian Antioch and Derbe were in the region of Galatia, cities Paul had visited on his first missionary journey and the believers there were dear to him.

Paul wants to settle the issue for them regarding the doctrine that was being propagated by a loose group of folks Bible scholars frequently refer to as 'Judaizers'.  The essence of their teaching was that Gentiles who wanted to follow Christ must be circumcised as Jews and follow the Law of Moses as the Jews did.  Paul had been present at the discussions in Jerusalem recorded in Acts 15, and knew that those requirements went against the prayerful decisions made there.   His argument is historical, logical, and passionate, using some strong language.

It's a good study to consider today; a reminder to believe what was approved and taught from old.. we are saved by grace into freedom to serve in love.

Here's the syllabus:

6/2 - Gal 1:1 - 2:10
6/9 - Gal 2:11 - 21
6/16 - Gal. 3:1 - 14
6/23 - Gal. 3:15 -25
6/30 - Gal. 3:26 - 4:7
7/7 - Gal. 4:8 - 18
7/14 - Gal. 4:19 - 5:1
7/21 - Gal. 5:2 - 15
7/28  - Gal. 5:16 - 26
8/4 - Gal 6:1 - 18

That's just my first breakdown into what appears to be reasonable sections; if I'd planned ahead a little better I'd have a blurb statement for each but, since the inspiration just hit, I'm going to leave the blurb for the discussion.

So, if you're interested, grab a 4-color pen and join me in a study of Galatians this summer!

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