Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A little Hodge Podge Collecting....

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

Haven't done a  Hodgepodge in a while...and I'm feeling the need to break up the stream of heavy posts.  So, here's this week's random questions from Joyce at This Side of the Pond...

1. Pokemon Go...your thoughts? Are you playing? Do you even know what it is?
Well, as a proud user of a flip phone, I don't even have to decide whether I want to play or not, although at least one of my kids may have gone on extended bike rides in search of the little digital creepies.  My thoughts...well, I was so taken by the phenomenon that I made a meme and posted it to Facebook:


It's really is not about the seeming political statement but about our incredible ability to be distracted...

2. What was something you collected as a child? Do you still have that collection? If you're a parent what's something your own children collected? Have you ever camped out, stood in a crazy long queue, or paid a ridiculous sum for a 'collectible'?

 I had a shoe box in which I kept some interesting rocks that I picked up from the driveway for a while. It certainly was not a collection by any stretch.  I do still have some books that I got as a kid; that's probably the closest thing to a collection that I have, unless you want to count the  fabric and pattern stashes. My kids have some video games, which may count as collectables in the not-to-distant future.

3. "Collect moments, not things"...tell us about a moment you've added to your collection this summer.
Co-writing a song with a friend before she moved across the country, having breakfast with a friend I hadn't seen in two years, watching the strawberry moon come up over what passes for a mountain in my neck of the woods,  sitting in the front porch swing, listening to the birds singing in the can I pick one?

4.  What's something collecting dust in your home right now? Any plans to do something about it?

Um, can I plead the 5th on this one?

5. A favorite song relating to time?  

Suddenly, 'Time is tickin' away, tick tick tickin' away' has lodged in my brain to the exclusion of all else.  My favorite?  I don't know...but it certainly feels appropriate.
ETA later in the day...I finally had a minute to look it up on Youtube...


6. What's been your most frightening or your most interesting encounter with wildlife?

Um...there's a story about a snake, with pictures, that I thought I posted to one of the blogs but I can't find it.    Just let me say that I'm really glad the snake was apparently just chillin' that day....

7.  On July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong set his foot down on the moon. If you could travel to the moon would you go? Why or why not?

I remember watching those first steps on TV.  I was ten; it was a hot day in central Indiana, and we rarely watched TV in the daytime, but farm life stopped while we all watched.  Years later, I heard folks talking about staying up all night to watch them and I was really confused, because I knew we'd watched in the afternoon.   I finally decided that what we had watched was a replay and all my life I was mistaken when I thought we saw it live.  That's right up there with finding out there was no Santa Claus.

But, given my inclinations to motion sickness and claustrophobia, I don't think I'd make a good astronaut.  Despite my love of all things science fiction...I'd never make a Starfleet recruit....  

I'll just have to enjoy watching the full moon slide up past the mountain.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

School starts a week from Monday in these parts.  Even though I don't have any kids in school anymore,  it just feels like we've bob-tailed summer.  Not done, nope, just not done.

Time is tickin' away, tick tick tickin' away...  


  1. My teacher daughter goes back August 9th. Feels like the middle of summer to me, but that's how they roll here. She's had a nice restful break and is changing grades this year, so she's excited to get back to it. Your words remind me of the Steve Miller song....'time keeps on slippin' into the future' : )

  2. We like your meme. Always easy to find distractions (Wednesday Hodgepodge doesn't count).