Friday, February 26, 2016

A Tour through Ps. 119: Intro

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

I think I've gotten a little spoiled; it's so much easier to write a blog post when I have a topic or a theme to follow.

So I thought I'd undertake a little in-depth look at Psalms 119.

It's the longest single chapter in the Bible; most folks are familiar with it.

But what most folks don't realize is that it is an amazing piece of literature.

It is an acrostic poem;  it's broken up into 8-verse sections and each verse in each of those sections begin with the same letter of the Hebrew alphabet (if you look at it in your Bible, each section should be labeled with the letter that begins each of the verses in that section).

Each of those sections explores, declares, proclaims, defends, and otherwise praises the word of God.

So, starting next week, I'm going to look at each one of those sections in turn .

It'll take 22 weeks;  we'll be there a while.

But it's something I've not really done before, so I'm  thinking it will be kinda cool.

And I'm going to start using some pictures in the blog...basically because Facebook can't let me edit the link from this blog (it will let me edit the ones from the sewing blog...go figure) and every post I link gets displayed with that Christian Women Online button from the sidebar.  So I'm going to try to use some pictures to help connect the link display with what's actually on the post.
I think this is the photo I'll use for Bible study posts...:-)

Next week we'll start with Ps. 119: 1-8: Aleph.

Anyone interested in reading along?


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    1. :-) I was actually reading through some old posts earlier today and I found one where you posted that we should meet some day. We really should... you're just 6-8 hours away...:-)