Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Goin' Old Skool

Posted by Lisa Laree to Beer Lahai Roi

For some strange reason, I had a hankerin' for some Old Skool Christian rock...and the likes of the Allies and Whiteheart are in the CD changer.

'Freedom' is probably one of my favorite discs ever.  Just sayin'.

Back in the day, I actually made an effort to do low-impact aerobics at the little church we were attending.  Sometimes I'd have 3 ladies come, sometimes it was just me and a friend.  Workin' up a sweat to pretty much the same playlist...on a cassette tape in  my boom box...every week.

Those songs will get IN your head when you do that.

To this day, I have a heard time not doing the knee-kick knee-kick routine to the title cut from that Freedom CD.

But as the songs have cycled through the disc changer, I've been hearing the lyrics again, fresh.

It's been a while.

break out of the dark land you live in
set the bridge on fire
cross over the deep troubled water
set the bridge on fire
stand up for the truth you believe in 
it is a higher power
strike back with the bright torch of freedom
set the bridge on fire....

('Set the Bridge on Fire' - Whiteheart, 'Freedom' - 1989)

And WAAAYYY before Elsa started throwing ice fractals around...

it's like after the storm
there's a ray of gold
that's how it feels 
to let it go
it's like heaven has come
and opened the gates of your soul
it's a journey back into innocence
you feel the touch of tenderness
your heart turns to gold
when you let it go
let it go

('Let It Go' - Whiteheart, 'Freedom' - 1989)

Yeah.  Sometimes it's good to go Old Skool.  Sometimes I need reminding.

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