Saturday, October 13, 2012

Recall Report

Hey, everyone, just in case you didn't know, it's October, which means there is pink stuff everywhere there isn't orange and black stuff.

The pink stuff, of course, is to remind everyone to Get Your Mammogram.  Mine was Wednesday the 3rd, and, since it was October, I got a sturdy  pink and gray tote bag as a freebie for coming in.

And, a couple of days later I got a call I've gotten before...please come in for more images.

Now, I've been dealing with lumps and bumps and cysts and whatnot since I was 20 years old.    I knew the routine and I wasn't really worried.  This is a Been There, Done That.  I haven't gotten recalled every year,  but every time I get recalled we do a little more looking.

The first time, it was just a couple more images from different angles while I was there.  That was the very FIRST mammo, and they wanted good baseline images.  I didn't get recalled for a couple of years at least after that.

The second time, they called a couple of days later for a second appointment.  That's a Big Squish; the screening mammo is a 4 x compression; the recall is a 10x.  I'm not sure what they're multiplying there, but I can definitely say that the recall is a bigger OUCH.  ('Don't breathe,' the technician says.  Oh, don't worry on that point, I am DEFINITELY HOLDING MY BREATH HERE) 

The third time, we did a Big Squish AND an ultrasound.  Bi-lateral benign cysts was the word on that.

Last time I went in for the Annual Squish, I didn't get called back.

So, I was disappointed, but not really surprised, when I got called back this week.

My Sweet Baboo was driving home from a business trip; I planned to go and do the follow up pictures, then I had a list of places to go and buy stuff.   The Discount Club, the Office Supply Store, the Coffee Vendor.

So.  We did the Big Squish.  Then we did the Ultrasound.  Then we did a Magnification Squish.

Then I got called in to talk to the doctor.  She showed me the Area of Interest, which has been on previous images but is just a little  The ultrasound showed nothing at all, but, based on the mammos, she wanted to do a biopsy.  Just to make sure.  And also to leave a little titanium marker so that any future images would show that that area Has Been, maybe no more recalls.

I liked that part.

They were just a little concerned that I was taking a daily low-dose aspirin, and gave me the option of going home and staying off the aspirin for the weekend and then coming back in early in the week for the procedure. week is busy.  I was there yesterday.  The risk of excessive bleeding was still pretty I agreed to do it.

So they moved me to another little waiting area to fill out the paperwork and such while they set up.  When I read the info on the procedure, I was REALLY GLAD I was not going to have the weekend to anticipate it!   Git 'er done, quick, without thinking too much...

But, after we were done, and I was heading out (in the rain, no less) with a rather lumpy icepack stuffed in my bra, I realized that all those errands should probably wait for a more opportune moment and headed home.

I measured out yesterday in 20 minute on, ice off...and was amazed that neither one of my living-at-home children so much as batted an eye at the ice pack strapped across my chest like Chewbacca's bandolier.  I didn't text my hubby anything about the day; I didn't want him to be distracted on his drive home.  He did, however, point to the icepack with a quizzical expression immediately upon entering the door.

Obviously the most observant person in the family yesterday.

I'm not terribly sore today, except that I've had a reaction to the adhesive on the bandage.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.  So, more icing and putting off of the errands; anything brushing against that little peeled place on my skin sends me into owie world.  Hopefully I'll be able to move without wincing tomorrow, I've got stuff to do and classes to teach.

Anyway, I should hear the results from the lab by Tuesday morning at the latest.  Not *expecting* bad news, based on what the radiologist said about everything, but it's good to make sure of this stuff...

ETA Monday 10/18 -- the pathology report was negative; it is benign tissue.  All is well.


  1. That's keeping it real, all right. Knowing the best news is coming for you

  2. Thank you for the update. Rejoicing!