Friday, June 8, 2012

Snapshot 6-8-12

The thing about missing the appointment with the 'new post' screen too many days in  a row is that one is overly tempted to begin the next post with an apology and an explanation.

Which, if one is a daily blogger, is probably just fine.

But, if one is a 'hanging on to the blogging discipline by the bare ends of my fingernails' blogger, then that sorta means that the blog turns into a lament of a busy life and lost opportunities.

But that need to explain creates serious writers block.  Serious. Writer's. Block.  It's really hard to get past it.

To the point where I read a phrase on another blog ...and I apologize, because I don't remember which one...that resonated with me. In effect, the writer wondered if she had used all her words up.

I realized that's what I felt like, and it made me sad.  Surely not.  Surely I have not said everything I have to say about life and faith and growing.  Surely the well does not have a bottom.

Then I realized that the thing that was bottling up the posts was the Need to Explain.

Just this morning, because it is Friday, the day that I do my best to blog if I can at all, I had a flash of inspiration.

An agreement, if you will, between me and you guys, my faithful, greatly appreciated readers.

When life gets busy and I can't get to the New Post screen as often as I like, I'm just gonna post a 'word shapshot' of what's going on.  And you'll understand that I'm just trying to hold on to the discipline.  And I'm not happy that I am not blogging, but, well, you do what you gotta do.

So.  Today's snapshot.

Sketchy internet, unpleasant digestive ailment earlier in the brought home to do...spilled soda leaving me with a sticky floor, even after wet-jetting it TWICE, so it's mop-and-bucket time...out of town guests arriving in about 4 hours...laundry...vacuum cleaner dismantle and repair...deep breaths and remembering that what is important is the time spent with loved ones, not how perfect everything is.

Now.  We'll see if that clears the blockage. ;-)

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