Friday, June 15, 2012

Not too late

So far, I have exactly three (3) commenters on the 500th post/ entries for the giveaway.  I know I said I'd draw 'next Friday', which is tomorrow (or, I guess since I am typing at 12:17 AM, today)...and I have a little day trip to make.  So I will leave the comments open all day tomorrow and draw Saturday.

I'm not going to be able to reveal the goodie bag as one item has been ordered and it may not be here until July 2 (really??).  But I will be sure and take a photo of the goodies before I box it all up and mail it.

Or meet the recipient for lunch, whichever it happens to be. 

So...if anyone would still like to enter the 500th post giveaway, you've got one more day. ;-)  Just leave a comment and mention, if you can, what particular post or posts have been meaningful to you. 

And thanks for hanging out with me here!

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